Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers – Common Job Questions


Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers – Common Job Questions

As we know about the interview and it is the almost final step to get a job. So What about interview preparation and also freshers also required to maintain his/her personality during the interview round. A lot of questions can be asked

by the employer and aspirants must listen to them carefully and then reply with the best answers. There are few questions that are asked in every interview whether it is an interview of the bank, Sarkari Naukri, IT jobs or any other. So here we will provide common interview questions and we hope that will be beneficial for all users who are about to face interviews or for further preparation.

Types of Interview Questions:

Questions can be asked which are based on your resume or CV. And it is concerned about your academic qualifications and skills that you have achieved in academic life.

Questions can be asked based on the candidate’s background and it is all about the candidate’s nature and behavior with society and family

The final and last type of interview questions can be asked on hypothetical situations and you are supposed to give situations and questions will be asked on your views which defines your leadership skills.

Common Interview Question and Answers:

 Tell me about yourself?

When this type of question is asked, the answer must be started with your name and academic qualification and then you will have to mention your family background. And also your skills and habits must be included in interview sessions.

Why do you want to join us?

I see my future on the summit if I join your company, If I say about salary, respect and future plans then your company fully satisfy me

What are your future plans?

Candidates can mention their public future plans and we know that you would not like to mention their personal plans and goals, so it is ok. Just tell them about goals which are public plans.

Tell me the headline of today’s newspaper

Often most employers ask about the newspaper you read. And then ask candidates about 1 local news, 1 international news and National news. So be ready and always take a look of the real-time newspapers.

Tell me about your hobbies.

Hobbies are the characteristics of a human and when they ask you, aspirant must unveil his/her hobbies that are based on daily life.

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